Colorful visualization of complex functions

A short introduction with lots of examples

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Welcome to my homepage where I present the 'colorful' visualization of complex functions. (Also known perhaps more widely as 'domain coloring'.)

This page has been created in order to summarize things I usually say when I present this topic somewhere in a friendly and easy to use form.

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In order to understand the content of this page a basic knowledge of complex numbers, complex arithmetic would be needed. In fact, you could only appreciate it really when you have learned complex analysis too. Or you will. Nevertheless I have collected lots of beautiful pictures—like the one above—on the following pages, so you could have a nice (at least aesthetic) experience without any mathematical background.

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My own works (programs, essays and presentations) regarding this topic can be found on this page. (In hungarian.)

Every comment, note, advice is welcome and please do not hesitate to contact me if you find any kind of error or typo at:

Have a good time browsing!

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